The Ten Commandments of Church Signs


  1. Thou shalt HAVE a church sign – It is vitally important that every church have a sign identifying itself to the community around it. Your church sign will often be the first bridge to connect you to those you are trying to reach.
  2. Thou shalt have a PERMANENT sign – A temporary sign is a much cheaper alternative – unfortunately, many times the emphasis is on the word CHEAP. The look of a temporary sign is not the professional image you are trying to project to your community on a long term basis, not to mention it will also be subject to vandals and wind storms. (See photo above) The only thing worse than half your letters being gone is someone coming by and moving them around to create a less than spiritual message for your folks to view as they drive in on Sunday morning. Invest the money in permanent signage.
  3. Thou shalt do thy research before purchasing your sign – Study up on all  that is available and see what fits best for your surroundings, community, city ordinances, etc. before making this very important purchase. How big the letters will need to be on your sign will be determined by what the average speed is of cars as they pass your church. Don’t make a decision rapidly, do your homework.
  4. Thou shalt have a quality, professional sign – Don’t settle for anything less. If you need to save up, have a few fundraisers, or place a special line item in the budget, make it a priority to get a top notch sign. You only get to make a first impression once, and your sign should help you make a good one.
  5. Thou shalt put the sign in a good location – You may have the nicest church sign in the county, but it won’t do any good if no one can see it because it is out of the line of sight from those driving by, or if it is camouflaged under heavy foilage.
  6. Thou shalt maintain the sign – If it’s a wooden sign, make sure the paint is fresh and not peeling or weather beaten. If it’s a lighted sign, make sure the light bulbs work. If it’s an electronic sign, make sure it’s working properly. If it has changeable letters make sure they aren’t cracked, peeling, or unreadable.


7. Thou shalt spell checketh thy message – then spell checketh again. 

8. Thou shalt think twice before putting a message on your sign – Just as a Pastor should never get in the pulpit without prayerful preparation, you should prayerfully seek God’s will as to what He would have you put on your sign each week.

“Stop, Drop, and Roll won’t work in hell” may be true, for example, but do we want such a serious subject as hell to be reduced to a three line message on our church sign? Much prayer and consideration should be given before placing a message that will represent the heart and vision of your church for potentially thousands to view.

9. Thou shalt change the sign regularly – Nothing says “incompetence” louder than a church sign in July that is still advertising the Easter Egg hunt, or a snow covered sign telling folks about the annual Summer church picnic.

10. Thou shalt always remember the potential of your sign – You will preach to more folks from your church sign than you will on Sunday in the pulpit – let’s take this important ministry seriously and maximize the potential for outreach!

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