4 Really good ways to show Pastor Appreciation – Year Round!


PAY GENEROUSLY   – We’ve all heard the joke about the church that wanted a poor and humble pastor – they claimed it was God’s job to keep him humble and theirs to keep him poor! Sadly this is too often the reality in many churches.

If the truth be told, another reality in many churches is that some  on finance committees and church boards consider a reasonable salary package for their pastor anything less than what they make.

Finances and compensation are an uncomfortable subject for most pastors and their families. Imagine how you would feel if your families salary and benefits package was passed out for all to see and discuss. Ministry is made even more stressful when having to worry about simply surviving month to month.

Mark this truth down: A church will never, EVER go wrong by generously taking care of their shepherd, and cannot reasonably expect God’s blessings on them until they do so. (I Timothy 5:17-18)

PRAISE SPECIFICALLY – “Keep up the good work”, “You’re doing a great job”, or “Good sermon” are all nice compliments to receive. However, being specific is far better because it shows your pastor in a tangible way that what he is doing is really making a difference in lives.

The best compliments I received as Pastor were ones like “Thank you for going to visit my grandmother in the nursing home, she has talked about it all week and it really lifted her spirits” or “I was so inspired by your sermon last week on showing appreciation that I went home and called a Sunday School teacher from my childhood to thank them for investing in my life”.

Know this: There is nothing more rewarding to a pastor than to know their their ministry is affecting peoples lives in very specific and practical ways. Let them know that it is.

PROTECT VIGILANTLY – Protect your pastor from false gossip and petty criticism.

Protect their privacy and give them plenty of time to themselves for rest and recreation with their family.

Protect his family by not setting ridiculously high demands on them that they can never nor should ever have to meet.

Protect their sanity by not being “that church member” that is constantly stirring up drama and strife in the church.

Be a friend – not a foe – to your pastor. Protect their ministry.

PRAY DAILY – There are many preachers – but God called pastors are hard to find.

Hundreds of pastors leave the ministry every month. A majority of pastors constantly fight depression and discouragement. Your pastor is trying to minister to your family while keeping theirs together. They want to help you with your problems while trying to face their own.

They are engaged in spiritual warfare each and every day and are laboring in one of the most stressful occupations in the world.

Pray. Pray regularly. Pray passionately. Pray for your pastor.

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