Fishing or Cruising?


Thoughout Scripture and down through the years in sermon and song, the Church and the Christian life in general has often been compared to a boat.

There is no question that the picture is a powerful and effective one.

The simple question I would like to pose is:

What kind of a boat best represents your church?


Every Church should be a COAST GUARD BOAT: Seeking to rescue those who are in distress and in need around them.

(Jude 22)




The Church should also be a SAIL BOAT: Totally surrendered to the wind of the Holy Spirit for it’s direction. (Romans 8:14)




The Church should even be a BATTLE SHIP: Ready to engage in spiritual warfare with the devil and all his forces who are seeking to devour and destroy all that is good and right. (Ephesians 6:12)




When you think about it, every Church should also be an AIR CRAFT CARRIER: Contantly launching prayers, money, and man power around the world to help fulfill the great commission and spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth. (Matthew 28:19-20)




Of course, we all know that the primary purpose of each and every church is that of a FISHING BOAT: Seeking to reach men and women, boys and girls in their community with the good news of the Gospel. (Matthew 4:19)



Unfortunately, the sad reality is that too many of our churches have become much more like:



CRUISE SHIP: Focused totally on the comfort of the passengers – Feeding them, entertaining them, and making sure they have a smooth and comfortable ride.(Amos 6:1)

The Church was NEVER meant to be a cruise ship. 


What about you, church member? Are you fishing or cruising?



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